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Top 10 shopping apps you should have in for your smartphone

There are so many online stores on the web these days that you can’t count and when it comes to choosing the best product at the best prices and a place that you can trust, you look for user feedbacks and opinion on social media and forums. That seems a lot of work, well not anymore, there are lots of apps to help you in this situation. These apps will help you finding the product you are looking for in seconds. Here are the apps that you can install on your smartphone according to your need of shopping online.


Amazon India

Amazon is the top online store of all time; you can find each and everything you want. Also, you can find some of the weirdest things on it which you probably don’t need, but still you’ll buy. Amazon always keeps the price level but to help more; there is always offers on the website. And you’ll always find a contest on the website to win something great.

Download: Android / iOS



Flipkart is Amazon of Indian online shopping; you will find everything you want on Flipkart. Like Amazon, Flipkart also keeps on offering fantastic deals every day on the website so you can avail them. Flipkart is also an exclusive hub for some of the popular smartphone brands so you won’t find them anywhere else but on Flipkart.


MySmartPrice is a popular price comparison app which checks the price for the same product on different shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc. This app shows the lowest price available on any website and available for both Android and iPhone.

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This app also shows the best deals running on shopping websites right now and notify you for them. You will also find all the details of the particular product right in this app without navigating to that website or app.

Download: Android / iOS


Junglee is the first App which compares more than 2000 shopping sites for the product you are looking for and tells you the website where you can buy it for the lowest price. You also don’t need to visit the particular website to check for deals or discounts running on that website.

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Just download this app and it will notify you about all the deals and discount immediately when you open the app. This app also includes local sellers so it is possible that you find a good deal there than popular shopping websites.

Download: Android / iOS


Redlaser is another shopping app which can find you anything from almost all the online stores for you. But you don’t have to type the name of the product. Just point the camera to the barcode of that product and RedLaser will find it in no time.

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Redline also shows you deals, weekly ads and much more on the homepage of the app. More features or RedLaser includes related products, accessories for that product, easy and fast checkout and more.

Download: iOS / Windows


Groupon offers really great deals and coupons offered on selected products by the store. You can find coupons for any shopping website on Groupon and buy the product in lower than before. Groupon deals are also giftable so you can gift them to your friends in form of presents. You’ll also find new products and coupons on the app every day to choose from.

Download: Android / iOS


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RetailMeNot is another great website for deals and coupons out there but the Android app from RetailMeNot is amazing. RetailMeNot app can notify you with a pop-up notification about the deals in nearby malls. And claiming those coupons are also very easy to claim using the built-in browser.

Download: Android / iOS


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A website totally based on deals about smartphones, gadgets and accessories. Launched in 2010 this app will provide you with the best deals and offers from more than hundred shopping websites. If you are a reader then SmartPrix could be the best choice for you because of the newly added books category.

Download: Android / iOS


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Ebay is the third best online shopping website which has everything available at the time you want it. Ebay is a combination of free classifieds, auction and shopping website, and with the app, all this will be easier than ever. You can also find used gadgets on eBay at such a low price or you can buy some by bidding on them.

Download: Android / iOS


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PriceDekho helps you to find the best products at such a low price by comparing the price of the same product on all shopping portals available in a country. You can search for the products and see which one is providing it with the payment choice you want. You can also check out the specifications and high-quality images of the product.

Download: Android / iOS


These were the best apps out there to help you find yourself in a confusing situation. Download one or all of the apps listed here and make your life a little bit simple. These apps are available for Android and iOS, so whatever smartphone you owns, it won’t let you down.