Xiaomi Mi 5 issues: Heating, battery drainage, more and how to fix them

Xiaomi Mi 5 is the flagship device from Xiaomi with the best hardware you can get on any smartphone and at a much lower price. The Mi 5 looks great with a curved glass panel at the back which looks more like the back panel of Galaxy Note 5. Xiaomi added a 5.1 inches display with full HD resolutions and 428 ppi pixel density.

There are some issues that every Mi 5 user is experiencing; we came up with some fixes and workarounds for those issues. You can also use these fixes and workarounds for other smartphones if you are facing the same problems.

1. Heating issue:

Heating is a problem that we all see in most of the Android and Windows smartphones (lucky iPhone users). We are not expecting this issue from any flagship smartphone like Xiaomi Mi 5 but the smartphone overheats in just 30 minutes of gaming and while shooting videos. If you own Mi 5 and experiencing this issue, then you should keep these things in mind to get rid of this overheating problem.

  • Always charge your smartphone with the charger that came in the box; do not use a duplicate charger.
  • Keep your phone updated, go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update and update your device.
  • Check if any app running in the background is causing the issue, uninstall the app.
  • Try not to multitask games. While playing games, close all the apps in the background.
  • Stop using 4G for a while and see if this is creating the issue.

If you still experiencing the issue then try uninstalling any app which you think is using most of the cellular data.

2. Battery drain issue:

Xiaomi Mi 5 users are also experiencing the battery drain issue which is some serious issue for a user who use this device for a daily driver. Most of the manufacturers are providing battery bigger than 3000mAh in flagship smartphones, Xiaomi also should have thought about this and added a larger battery. Well, nothing we can do now for that but you can try these steps to save some battery on your Mi 5.

  • Do not use fake or another device charger to charge your Xiaomi MI5.
  • Turn off cellular data when not in use.
  • Enable balanced mode in battery settings to save battery, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Battery & Performance > Power Settings and enable the Balance Mode to keep enough juice.

Battery drain doesn’t always occurr due to hardware; sometimes software is also responsible for that. So keep your phone up to date whenever a new update releases for your device.

3. Performance lag:

What can you do if your phone have Snapdragon 820 processor? Intensive gaming of course, but Xiaomi Mi5 fails at this. We notice some lag while gaming or multitasking between apps. This lag can also be there due to software, but until Xiaomi is not releasing the update for this, you can try these options to multitask seamlessly on your Mi 5.

  • Clear the cache, do this by using any cache cleaner app from the Google Play Store or do it for all apps one by one.
  • While playing games, switch off the cellular data (if possible). Also, close apps running in the background.

You should also try uninstalling games from your device and free some space in internal memory; this might also affect the performance of the device.

4. Camera app crash:

The camera is the one prominent feature of Xiaomi Mi 5 because it is a flagship smartphone and the camera should be as perfect as it can. But we experienced an issue which is irritating; camera app crash. Several times when we tried to launch the camera, it crashed which make this phone almost camera less. You cannot shoot pictures from your Rs. 25,000 smartphone, isn’t it annoying? You might use the workaround for this issue; download some third party camera app from the Google Play Store. Always install the app with an essential feature because light apps don’t get crashed easily.


These workarounds and fixes are temporary; they will not remove permanently until Xiaomi releases an update for fixing these issues. Hope Xiaomi will release the update soon, tell us about your experience with Mi 5 and how these fixes worked for you.

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