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Users complain Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus is prone to scratches and damages

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Apple released iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with much expectations in September 2016. The Cupertino-based tech giant also released a new Jet Black color variant of iPhone 7 Plus. However, users have started to report that the new Jet Black color model of iPhone 7 Plus is prone to scratches and damages if used without any case.

Apparently, the Jet Black color is something which we have never seen before on a smartphone designed using metal. If you unbox the Jet Black variant of iPhone 7 Plus, you will be able to visualize the gorgeous glossy mirror finish. If you are wondering as to whether the premium finish will look the same as when you purchased, you can wrong.

If you had purchased Jet Black color variant of iPhone 7 Plus, be prepared to see the scratches on the surface of the rear side. However, if you are using a case, then you need not have to worry.

Zach Epstein took to Twitter and showcased an image of the Jet Black variant of iPhone 7 Plus sourced from an Apple store. We can clearly see several finger patches and abrasions on the whole rear side. According to gadget enthusiasts, the high glossy finish is a magnet for grease and grime.

Despite warning by Apple, users are not prepared to use a case to protect iPhone 7 Plus. They argue that if a case is used, then there is no point in purchasing the new color variant. What is the main point in buying a Jet Black color variant and covering it with a case?

Recently, a Reddit user “robhue” showcased an image of his Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. The image clearly reveals several scratches on the rear side.

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If you inspect the image, you can see the damage done despite low lighting. If you hold the phone at various angles, you will clearly view several patches, which is not a good sign for an expensive handset.

During the launch of the Jet Black color, Apple has issued a disclaimer about the problems you will face if you work with the phone without any case. Apple had employed a nine-step anodization and polishing mechanism to achieve the high-gloss finish.

Even though the surface is similar to that of other anodized Apple products, the bright shine would result in fine micro-abrasions over few months. Hence, Apple recommends you to insert a case for adequate protection immediately after purchase.

Industry analysts are of the opinion that Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus protected by case are prone to damages since dust and dirt always inject inside the case.

You can prevent the damage to some extent by using a premium quality case and by periodically cleaning the case. You need to remove the dust and other particles inside the case once in a week.

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