Sound One SP6 Review: Best companion for your workout exercise and wallet

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Sound One is Chinese brand for music related accessories like earphones and headphones. And recently released a new Bluetooth earphones; Sound One SP6 which are made especially for wearing during sports and exercise. There are lots of promises that Sound One made for this Bluetooth earphones and we are going to find out if these earphones worth Rs. 1,999 or not.

Unboxing and Design

The Sound One SP-6 comes in a black plastic box with a push-up compartment which holds the earphones, a USB charging cable and the four pair of earmuffs (ear tips). There is only two size of ear tips in the box; two pairs of extra-large (one of them is bi-flange) and two extra large size. Other than these, the box has a user manual under the earphones. The box can be a better travel case because of its hard plastic, but it is a little bit bigger than what a carry case should be.

The earphones are all back including the cable, the material of which the earbuds are made of is kind of plastic but some good quality. The ear hook is made of rubber material which adjusts according to the size of the ears; the hooks also slides furthermore to make it comfortable for ears. The cable is rubbery and sturdy and long enough to stay around your neck comfortably, a cable adjuster is attached to adjust the length of the cable according to the neck.


Sound One SP6 is a Bluetooth earphones equipped with Bluetooth version 4.1 which extend the operating range to up to 30 feet and increase battery performance. Bluetooth 4.1 also enables the earphones to be paired with two devices at the same time; now you don’t have to pair your device again and again between two devices.

It comes with 150 mA battery which gives a whole six to eight hours of play time in only two hours of charging. And because of the Bluetooth 4.1, it can give you a standby time of 180 hours so if it is idle; it won’t take much battery. The volume and music control buttons are in the right earbud, and it has its own volume levels.


First, let’s talk about the sound performance, when it comes to sports earphones, then it should isolate outside noise. Sound One SP6 succeeded in doing so, after wearing the earphones, the external noise is partially mute and gets entirely silent when you play some music on good volume. The sound clarity is also excellent, the classic music feels so great in these, and you can notice every single bit of the music.

This sound clarity does come with great bass; I won’t say “best” because there are lots of earphones which provides better bass than this. Overall I am very much satisfied with the sound quality of the earphones and it also fits well in ears. The only concern is that the earphones work best when in the line of sight of the device but it can’t penetrate walls. The music starts to distort as soon as I leave the room and close the door.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Good battery performance
  • Great sound quality


  • Not comfortable for more than two hours
  • Connectivity seems to distort when not in line of sight


Sound One SP6 is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,999 and you might not find a better quality Bluetooth earphones than this one at this price. Sound One SP6 keeps the promise and provides the good quality music at such a low price. There is nothing more to say about Sound One PS6 other than that they are awesome and if you are looking for Bluetooth earphones at this price then go for it.

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