Do you ever imagine what if you could earn rewards by simply waking up your phone to the lock screen? Making your unheard imagination the reality, Indian startup SlideApp has launched its lock screen Android app on Google Play, which not only allows users to unlock their phones but also earn rewards every time they do it.

Once the app is installed on your phone, your phone’s default lock screen will be replaced by a full-screen advertisement.

You can then choose if you want to swipe right to proceed to your home screen or swipe left and access the advertisement further.

Content displayed on the lock screen focuses local content or commercial brand endorsements. However, according to SlideApp, every left swipe will earn you a reward, which currently is in the form of free recharge.

“Mobiles are no longer the secondary medium of information and are in fact the first bet to any question with all the access right there,” says Amrita Gujral, India Business Head, SlideApp.

SlideApp is currently under the partnership with a number of leading brands across different sectors — such as food and beverage, travel, hospitality, education and technology space, etc.