Science YouTube channels

Science is a broad topic involving a wide range of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and many other. From conducting experiments, exploring the hidden areas of subatomic particles, illustrating the functioning to exploring space, all of these fields fall under the banner of science. There are various Science YouTube channels we feel you should never miss. Let us throw some light on each:


NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) association is responsible for putting man on the moon. Their channel is a great learning for those who love space and see themselves as Astronauts in near future. This YouTube Channel has featured over 2,000 videos about their specific expeditions into space and even their behind the scene videos. The workpieces they share come from 50 years of dedicated and pioneering work. This is a dream association that any science lover would like to work with. The main focus of the broadcastings is the latest whereabouts going on in NASA.


2. Minute Physics

Minute Physics Channel would answer almost all your questions related to science. As the name of the Channel itself says it shall focus on Physics stream more. So all the physics freaks this channel is designed for you. Some of the famous broadcastings include ‘Why is it Dark at Night’, ‘The Origin of Quantum Mechanics, ‘Usain vs. Gravity’ and much more. Even the most difficult questions are answered using everyday language so that even a layman could easily get an answer to it. The videos are in animated form adding an appealing element to it so that you couldn’t get your eyes off the video.

3. The Science Channel

This Channel delivers the best science videos all compiled up in a long never-ending list. Well if you are a complete science nerd and love illustrations too then this Channel would be your apple pie. The videos comprise of stunning pictures making the explanation clearer. The main focus areas of science here are space exploration and astronomy. So what are you planning to do the coming weekend? Why not explore this science channel and watch your favorite subject clips.

4. SciShow

This Channel is a result of the brains of famous veteran video blogger Hank Green. His main aim is to explore new science topics in a very simple and fun manner. All the subject matter is stated in a way that you shall be entertained throughout the entire video. This blogger would answer your questions in a hilarious manner which trust me; you shall never forget. A unique way of presenting his thoughts makes him different from other bloggers.

5. The Periodic Table of Videos

This video works on a mission that is it has created a video for each of the 118 elements of the Periodic Table. It has accomplished its mission by delivering different 118 videos. Now its purpose is to work constantly on each and keep updating all of its videos. It offers other types of contents too like how different chemicals react with each other. The main focus is on Chemistry and the Chemical elements of the Periodic table.

6. Veritasium

This video blog is again all about science and the topics range is phenomenal. Here the experiments are demonstrated, misconceptions are removed, and science theories are explained supported by the power of song. Oh…What an entertainment? High level I would say. If someone is not getting a topic from textbook can easily get it through this Channel’s set of videos.

7. Bill Nye The Science Guy

You must have watched him on your TelevisionScreensearlier. This guy is a big science freak, and once you start following his Channel, you would resist yourself on watching him again and again. He is regarded as a mad scientist but has a unique style that would keep you engrossed in the subject. He is famous for his quirky demonstrations.

8. Sick Science

Run by a science teacher named Steve Spangler whose main aim is to make people love science and even make learning fun. This Channel features very simple experiments that you can even practice at home. The best part is that these experiments require no technical training or special equipments. You can easily save your favorite experiments and perform whenever you have time.It focuses on science working around us in our day to day life.


Another amazing science Channel that offers a weekly dose of Science-based educational video. It is relatively new initiative, so the content is not much as of now. But the already existing videos shall intrigue and enthrall your interest. If you are eager to learn and explore new science topics, you are at the right channel. Its main focus is on exploring the unexplored areas of science. There is a topic of the day which explores topics in the form of animated videos.

10. Vsauce

This channel does not solely dedicate itself towards science fields but others too. No matter if this is the case, it is still amongst the top YouTube science channels. No matter what is being broadcasted on this Channel, it is done in a phenomenal way. The questions asked by the viewers are answered in a random way making it easy to understand. Vsauce is a treat to eyes and full of educational entertainment.

These Channels you should not miss and start following from now on. And those who are not so fond of this stream would start loving it once they start following these video blogs. All of these channels are easy to access and you can subscribe to get updates. So keep browsing, keep following and keep a tab on these channels to implement science.