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Jupiter Blue Storms

NASA releases new pictures of Jupiter’s storms taken by Juno

In recent months NASA has been frequently releasing some breathtaking pictures of Jupiter and its violent storms taken by its Juno spacecraft. As per...
NASA Voyager 1

NASA’s probe Voyager 1 fires up its backup thrusters after 37 years

This August and September marked the 40 years of continuous operation of the twin Voyager spacecraft. The thrusters inside the Voyager 1 spacecraft had...
goodyear nasa spring space tires

NASA reinvents tires that would never go flat to use on Earth and Mars

The flattening or puncture of tires always worries people on Earth. But, NASA has got a solution to it. It has invented flatless tires...

Asteroid-Bound OSIRIS-REx spacecraft zooms past Earth for Gravity Boost

A lot of research has been taking place to get more details about the Asteroids present in our solar system as well as outside...

Two asteroids detected orbiting each other in-between Mars and Jupiter

A team of astronomers has been able to visualize an unusual and intriguing object moving in the asteroid belt present between Mars and Jupiter....

NASA orders Sydney-based Aquabotix for an underwater drone

NASA, a well-known and reputed space agency, is always famous for its revolutionary space explorations and innovative discoveries in the space world. But it's...
NASA Cassini

Cassini is destroyed, but its successful mission to Saturn will be remembered

Without Cassini, no one would have ever thought of life existing in the moons of Saturn. NASA's revolutionary Cassini spacecraft astonishingly discovered the presence...

NASA’s Curiosity Rover captures mind blowing images on Mars during climbing

NASA's revolutionary Curiosity rover is having a good time on Mars and is steadily climbing towards a mysterious and strange Martian outcrop or ridge....
NASA Cassini

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft set for the ‘death dive’ into Saturn’s atmosphere

NASA's robotic space probe ‘Cassini' is all set to have a final dive into Saturn before gets self-destroyed inside the atmosphere of Saturn on...

Pluto’s important surface features named after yesteryear’s pioneers

For many years, Pluto was considered as a tiny planet and was discussed only when the Solar system was studied. Many years later, Pluto...

After a record-breaking space mission, astronaut Peggy Whitson safely returns to earth

It was a great day for NASA as well as U.S. because their record breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson returned to earth safely and successfully...