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Samsung’s Budget-Friendly Galaxy Z Fold 6 Variant to Forego S Pen Support

Samsung is reportedly making a significant move in its foldable smartphone lineup by planning to release a more affordable version of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 without S Pen support. This decision aims to reduce production costs and offer a price advantage to consumers, indicating a strategic shift to cater to a broader market segment with varying budget ranges.

Key Highlights:

  • Samsung is expected to release a lower-cost variant of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 without S Pen support.
  • The decision to remove S Pen support stems from a desire to lower production costs and make the device more affordable.
  • This budget-friendly variant is anticipated to come with additional compromises in specifications to further reduce costs.
  • The standard Galaxy Z Fold 6 is still expected to offer premium features, potentially including S Pen support.

Samsung Z fold 6

Introduction to Samsung’s Strategy

Samsung, a leader in the foldable smartphone market, is expected to diversify its Galaxy Z Fold series by introducing a more affordable variant of the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6. This move is seen as an effort to appeal to a wider audience by offering devices at various price points. By forgoing the S Pen support, a feature not universally utilized by all consumers, Samsung can significantly reduce manufacturing expenses. This change is consistent with the trend of offering flagship features in more budget-friendly models, with necessary sacrifices to achieve a lower price point​​​​​​.

Impact of Removing S Pen Support

The removal of S Pen support from the lower-cost Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant signifies a notable shift in Samsung’s approach to its foldable devices. Traditionally, the S Pen has been a hallmark of Samsung’s productivity-focused devices, offering unique features for note-taking, drawing, and navigation. However, by excluding this feature, Samsung aims to streamline production and potentially lower the entry barrier for consumers interested in foldable technology but deterred by high costs. This decision may also reflect consumer usage patterns, suggesting that the S Pen’s appeal may be more niche than universal among foldable phone users​​.

Expected Specifications and Cost-Cutting Measures

While specific details about the budget-friendly Galaxy Z Fold 6’s specifications remain scarce, it is anticipated that Samsung will implement additional cost-cutting measures beyond removing S Pen support. These could include using less powerful processors, offering smaller storage capacities, and equipping the device with lower-resolution cameras. Such compromises are common in creating more affordable variants of flagship models, balancing performance with cost-efficiency to cater to a broader range of consumer preferences​​​​.

Future of Samsung’s Foldable Lineup

As Samsung prepares to expand its foldable device portfolio with both high-end and more accessible options, the tech giant continues to innovate in design and functionality. The standard Galaxy Z Fold 6 is rumored to feature major design revisions and possibly integrate the S Pen, distinguishing it from its budget-friendly counterpart. This diversification strategy could help Samsung maintain its dominance in the foldable market while competing against emerging foldable devices from other manufacturers​​.


Samsung’s plan to release a lower-cost variant of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 without S Pen support reflects a strategic effort to make foldable technology more accessible to a wider audience. By forgoing certain features and implementing additional cost-reduction measures, Samsung aims to offer a more budget-friendly foldable smartphone option. This move could potentially broaden the appeal of foldable devices, making them a more viable option for consumers with varying budget constraints.