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Samsung to manufacture A12 chipset for Apple iPhones

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According to the latest report from the Korean Herald, South-Korean giant Samsung Electronics will return to manufacturing chips for new iPhone lineup in 2018. This speculation is most probably based on the fact that the Samsung’s co-chief executive and in-charge of chip manufacturing division Kwon Oh-hyun visited the Apple headquarters in California last month.

Samsung has already announced that they are in the process of acquiring specialized machinery in an attempt to produce seven-nanometer processors for the iPhone. Earlier, Apple awarded exclusive production right of SoC to the Samsung’s major rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

According to some sources, Apple forced to choose Samsung over TSMC  because Apple opts the OLED display for the new iteration of iPhone series. Notably, the Samsung is the world leader in OLED manufacturing with 95 percent market share.

As it is good to see that these two business giants join hands together besides the fact that both are the hardcore rivals. As we know that, In 2011, Apple sued Samsung for patent infringement, and this forces Samsung to cut down the number of components it got from its competitor from that time. Samsung had one of its most profitable quarters in company history earlier in the year, and the company has generated $44.5 billion dollars of total revenue in the first quarter of 2017. The majority of business comes from display and semiconductor division, and that makes the Samsung primary and the obvious choice for Apple for the chipset.

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