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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8: Specifications comparison

Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8

Year 2017 is here, and the smartphone wars will be more intense this time because 2016 wasn’t good for Samsung and Apple both. Samsung Note 7 was the one of a kind smartphone, but it’s no more among us because of the feature which we don’t want in any of our phones (got it?). Apple iPhone 7 also didn’t do any good in terms of sales last year because you know “Jack wasn’t there.” So, 2017 will witness a battle between these brands, and we will sure witness some of the best smartphones from these brands.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung used possibly every technology which it can use in a smartphone, but we know there will be the next smartphone in Galaxy S series. Samsung will find something to make it’s fans buy it, no matter how expensive is it. Samsung will make it’s Galaxy S8 the best phone of the year by keeping the same beautiful dual edges display design from Galaxy S7 Edge. There are rumors that Galaxy S8 may be offering some features from Galaxy Note series including the S-Pen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 may feature the Snapdragon 835 processor and 6 GB RAM; US variant undoubtedly will feature an Exynos processor with Mali GPU. The Galaxy S7 Edge featured a 12 MP single shooter which was the best smartphone camera (as mentioned by some reviewers). So, Samsung may add some megapixels, and there is no rumor about an increase in the number of the camera module. Samsung is limiting its smartphone to 5 inches (5.1 inches with edges), and Galaxy S8 may inherit this feature too.

Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 could be the same as iPhone 7 in design, but Apple will sure make it faster than before. We are not expecting a new design because Apple takes a lot of time to add a whole new visual change design to its iPhones. Apple’s retina display is proprietary but if Apple really wants to upgrade the iPhone then the display should be AMOLED, and there are rumors that Apple will create a dual edge display in iPhone 8 just like in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but there is a lot less possibility of this.

Apple already broke the rules and added a dual 12 MP camera in iPhone 7 Plus so there will definitely be dual cameras setup in iPhone 8 Plus, and with more megapixels in it. Last iPhone came with the Apple A10 Fusion chip so Apple may be working on Apple A11 chip with more cores and the same six core GPU. iOS 10 released last year before the release of iPhone 7 so Apple may upgrade the iOS 10 and make it cleaner for iPhone 8. There is one feature which every Apple fan want to see in iPhone 8 is the wireless charging, but I’m sure Apple will charge a lot for the charging dock get your wallet prepared for that this year.


There are some rumors which are not practical and may degrade the decency of these flagships. Every Samsung and Apple fan are expecting the new smartphone will be better than the previous one. If you are too a die hard fan of any of the brand and want to see something new feature, then tell us about it in the comments section below.

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