Home News Samsung Exynos 8895 with upto 3.0GHz clock speed to power Galaxy S8

Samsung Exynos 8895 with upto 3.0GHz clock speed to power Galaxy S8

samsung Exynos 8895 in galaxy S8

The year has come to an end, and only a handful of flagships remain to be launched in the year. As far as it is known, only Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the ones remaining to be launched among flagships, and now news about Galaxy S8 and Exynos 8895 (codenamed Kanchen) has just surfaced.

Samsung Exynos 8895 Details

The chip appeared earlier this year on the import-export website Zauba, and could be manufactured using the 10Nm process. So far the news in the 10Nm hardware department has been positive, and it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the SoCs have been manufactured as well. A Chinese report says that the Exynos 8895 will have a 3GHz CPU. The images could be processed at a 70% faster speed.

Samsung Galaxy S8 to equip Exynos 8895

Considering that there have been rumors that the Galaxy S8 is going to pack special camera features, this does make sense. The chip is also said to use less power, and the maximum power consumption will be as low as 5W. A geek bench listing of the Exynos 8895 shows a single-core test score of 2301 and 7019 on the multi-core test. These numbers are excellent, to say the least.

The performance-packed chipset powering the Galaxy S8 could easily be the best news for Samsung lovers next year. The recent issue with the S7’s have been shameful for the company and has brought much discomfort to the brand image. Phones lighting up in the hands of the users has forced the tech giants to call back their flagships and replace them. In light of these perhaps, the company has started focussing on two things: replacing the S7s with good units and making the next one so good, that it helps rehabilitate the image of the brand. How far it goes in doing it, is only for time to tell.

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