Republican Politician Boldly Challenges NASA on Martian Civilization

Politician Dana Rohrabacher daringly asked NASA officials during the Space Subcommittee meeting on July 18, if there’s any proof of the existence of long-lost civilizations on Mars planet as indicated in the previous studies. He challenged them to confirm the possibility that there were aliens staying on Mars thousands of years before. Ken Farley, a project scientist at NASA replied to the question by setting the record straight that there were no such claims.

According to Farley, Mars was quite different billions of years ago and not thousands of years before. However, there is no evidence that there was life on the planet in the recent past. Though Rohrabacher insisted for a better answer, Farley stood firm that there were no aliens on Mars in the past.

During the congress, NASA promised that Mars 2020 rover probe will try to unveil the high-priority science aims for Mars discovery, which will include the possibility of life support on the planet. But at the moment, there is still no indication of intelligent beings on Mars.

The space agency is planning to not only seek signs of the inhabitable environment on Mars in the past but also to search for evidence of the ancient microbial life on the planet. The mission is scheduled to launch in 2020 during the summer period and the probe will stay on the red planet for a period of one year or 687 Earth days.

NASA is given the critical job of reporting the findings and advising the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on the future missions. Their role also involves enlightening people who are not planetary experts on significant matters that the subcommittee members are ignorant about. In addition, the space agency has to deal with endless rumors and baseless stories that crop up every time.

Despite the rumors and misunderstandings about the space agency, there’s much more that NASA has achieved in their missions to space in the recent years. NASA has discovered tons of probably habitable planets, the presence of liquid water on Mars, and other stunning discoveries in the solar system.


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