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Now Samsung Galaxy J5 catches fire in France

samsung galaxy j5 explode

Batteries have turned out to the most dangerous component of the smartphone for Samsung Electronics. After the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung is going to face the heat again for the alleged explosion of its Galaxy J5 handset. The smartphone owner Lamya Bouyirdane in France reported to AP saying that her Galaxy J5 exploded catching fire.

Bouyirdane stated the incident as she witnessed her smartphone swell from the back following excessive heating. After she had kept it aside, the smartphone caught fire, and the back of the smartphone exploded. As per the description, the Samsung Galaxy J5 battery exploded even without on charge, which is a concern for the Galaxy J5 users.

Samsung is yet to comment on the incident. It is important to note that the increasing incidents of Samsung Galaxy phones explosion are likely to create among the customers. It’s not just Galaxy Note 7 exploding, but a few other handsets were also reported to have caught fire in the recent past.


The user plans to sue Samsung over the incident; however, nothing is finalised yet. We will keep you updated with further developments in this case. Keep checking back.