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Noise ColorFit Brio Smartwatch Review

Since the onset of the Work from Home culture, the need for getting fit has increased exponentially. This has put forth the rise of fitness-related products, especially Fitness trackers and smartwatches.

This is where one brand comes into play that has been aggressively increasing its portfolio. Noise has made quite a name for itself and has made two dedicated watch line-ups—namely the NoiseFit and ColorFit, which we have reviewed in the past.

We now have their newest product, ColorFit Brio, for review, which comes in at a sticker price of INR 5,999 but is usually available for INR 2,599. The Brio offers a squared-out body and comes packed with all the essential sensors.

Key Specifications

  • Display – 1.52-inch IPS LCD
  • 50 sports modes
  • Blood Oxygen monitoring
  • 24/7 Heart rate sensor
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Up to 10 days battery life

Box Contents

A complete list of items you get inside the box:

Noise ColorFit Brio Smartwatch Review 6

  • Noise ColorFit Brio Smartwatch
  • Charging Cradle
  • User instruction manual

Design & Display

The Brio comes with a squared-out design with a shell that is carved out of plastic. One of the highlights of this smartwatch is how light the watch feels. There are three colors for the shell, which you could choose depending on your style. We get a large 1.52-inch IPS LCD panel upfront, which gets fairly bright for outdoor use. There are chunky bezels all-around that are to be expected on a product in this price segment.

Noise ColorFit Brio Smartwatch Review 4The watch gets a 2.5D cover plastic on the display that helps in elevating the overall experience. Moving on to other aspects of the design, a single button on the right side is used to wake up or shut down the watch. On flipping the watch, we get to see the heart rate sensor suite and a dual-pin charging slot common on other Noise smartwatches.

Noise ColorFit Brio Smartwatch Review 5We didn’t like the supplied straps, and the watch gets quick-release ones, 20mm to be precise, which can be swapped out for higher-quality units.

Software & Performance

The Brio runs on a Realtime OS (RTOS), essentially a stripped-down version of a standard OS. The OS is common across all the Noise smartwatches. The thing that changes are the tracking modes. The watch has a neatly laid out menu wherein you find the 50 sports modes from running to other heavy workouts.

Noise ColorFit Brio Smartwatch Review 1Setting up the watch is easy; download the NoiseFit app from the PlayStore/AppStore and follow the steps to pair up the smartwatch. Once paired, you get to see the main menus, wherein you get the ability to share your fitness stats and regime with your friend group. In addition, noise gives further power to export the tracking data onto other platforms like Google Fit and Strava.

Coming to the performance, you get a standard 24/7 heart rate monitoring, with the added ability to measure the Blood Oxygen level (SpO2). Other than this, there is the usual sleep tracking, step tracking, calorie meter, and more.

Noise ColorFit Brio Smartwatch Review 7During our tests, we found the sleep and heart rate tracking results fairly accurate. The brand has improved its algorithms to account for irregular sleep patterns. The SpO2 reading matched that of a medical-grade SpO2 monitor.

Ending with the battery stats, during our limited time with the watch. With every possible feature turned on, the battery depleted 50% within five days of use. This barely comes near the advertised 10 days of use on a single charge. It took us around 2 hours to fully charge the watch with less than 10% juice left using the supplied magnetic charger.