With the influence and proposition from President Donald Trump, it is now clear that the trip to mars could kick off in the year 2033 despite a misty doubts which had been expressed by different sources that NASA may never launch another journey to Mars anytime soon.

In the 2018 US budget, President Donald Trump has succeeded in influencing both houses on funding mars exploration, an exploration which could see more improvement in techniques and science being used to do away with the previous challenges which included burning of space crafts upon entry into Mars’s atmosphere. Many believe that this will be a break through mission where US and NASA will show its might in space exploration; a factor which China has shown.

Huge improvements and test are the Key boosters of Successful Human Mission to Mars

It is at Langley Research Center where tests are being done to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the actual launching of the space ship. It is expected that the 2033 mission will involve one of the most powerful rocket which will be launched at Cape Canaveral, Fla. Many are waiting for this day because it will be the perfect time to boost about the American might as far as space exploration is concerned. If finer details are taken into consideration, then all will be worth it.

With such a huge funding from the American budgeting committee, NASA has developed a colossal Space Launch System booster. This system is said to be the most powerful of all that have ever been developed. It is said that it is powerful than those used in launching Saturn V Apollo moon rocket. With these new improvements, many analyst have smelt success in this particular mission.

Is Successful Mars Mission American Destiny?

The United States of America considers itself a great nation hence the need to do great things at all times. This has been translated to space exploration, something that other nations may not be in a position to. Patrick Troutman, who is the Human Exploration Strategic Analysis lead at NASA Langley’s Research Center affirms this when he says, “We are a great nation, so we want to do great things… Well, someday we have to move off this planet and settle in other planets.