NASA with the help of its Hubble Space Telescope has captured the image of the bright and glittering star cluster, Trumpler 14. Stars in the cluster are relatively very young and just a few hundred thousand years old. However, these stars will not have a long life since they are burning their hydrogen very violently at a pace that they can end into a supernova in the coming few million years.

These stars have a lifespan which is much shorter than that of the sun, which will last billions of years. The hot stars are ejecting high-speed particles from their surfaces and send intensely powerful winds across space, which then collide with the surrounding materials tearing huge holes in the nearby gas and dust clouds and intense bursts of X-rays.

It is nothing new in the universe, and the blast wave will start the formation of new stars in the nebula – an unending cycle of destruction and formation.

The Trumpler 14 star cluster having a diameter of six light years and is about 8,000 light years from Earth. Trumpler 14 along with Trumpler 16 forms the main clusters of the Carina OB1 stellar association, and it is the largest association in the Carina Nebula.

Trumpler 14 has about 2,000 stars though astronomers have spotted not all. The most prominent of all the stars is HD 93129Aa. It is said to be one of the brightest stars in The Milky Way. One of the stars, Trumpler 14 MJ 218 is assumed to be moving at a speed of 350,000 kilometers per hour.