When people were swooning over deals and offers that were up for grabs on Black Friday, NASA shared dramatic images of Black Holes; NASA has its way of celebrating #BlackHoleFriday.

Recently, NASA has observed flares of X-Rays from a black hole. This goes against the notion that nothing escapes from the black hole, not even light.

The Birth of Black Holes starts when any star of a particular size is in its death throes and this stage everything, tonnes of mass gets concentrated in a very small space leading to the creation of a gigantic gravitational force from which nothing, even light cannot escape. Black Holes can only be seen with special telescopes.

Black Holes can be termed as the leftover of former stars and are incredibly dense to the extent that nothing can escape their prevailing gravitational energy. Black Holes play a crucial part in the formation of galaxies.

NASA had last month announced that two of its telescopes have captured the huge burst of X-rays emitting out of a gigantic black hole. The flairs seem to be triggered by the eruption of charged particle from the black hole and it goes contrary to the notion that a black hole does not let anything out.

The latest findings add strength to the theory of Indian astrophysicist, Abhas Mitra who had theorised that the black holes are ultra hot balls of fire like our Sun.

Mitra, who was the head of theoretical astrophysics at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai and currently Adjunct Professor at the Homi Bhabha National Institute said that Gas streams that are sucked into the black hole become extremely hot by friction and may radiate X-Rays.

British physicist, Stephen Hawking had last year contradicted his theory and said that Black Holes in a real sense do not exist.