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Microsoft Windows 10 is already running on more devices than Apple OS X Yosemite


It’s been almost a month, and it looks like Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has escaped the curse of Windows 8. Microsoft Windows 10 is in the market and is reported to be used by more than 5% of traditional personal computers worldwide.

According to net market share figure calculated by online statistics portal, Statista, Microsoft’s Window 10 is ahead of latest and popular Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite. But leading operating system in the market is still Microsoft Windows 7 with 57.7 % of market share.

One reason behind Windows 10 instant success is its price. Microsoft is giving its Windows 10 free upgrade to users having Windows 7 or a later version. It also has better features and did a better job in serving the needs of traditional personal computer users in comparison to Windows 8 users. It also includes the touch screen capabilities that were initially included in Windows 8.


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Many are considering windows 10 as the better OS than Apple’s OS X Yoesmite. Here is comparison of Windows 10 and OS X Yosemite the operating systems.


Microsoft Window 10

Windows 10 is similar to windows 8, as it still has window start screen. But it has many additional features like 3D gesture, which you can enable if your laptop has 3D support camera.

Microsoft has found way to resize application in order to fit on any screen, feature will be used for running same applications on smartphones and PC.

Start menu is back with windows 10 in which you can pin metro apps to the taskbar. Start menu includes list of recently used applications and whole application list. Also windows 10 includes many tempting applications in its Windows Store, some of the apps are for free whereas, other cost few bucks.

Another addition to Microsoft Windows 10 is its personal digital assistant – Cortana which will respond to queries and perform multiple tasks including voice command from user.

Some other features of window 10 is new Microsoft Edge web browser, which replaced Internet Explorer, virtual desktops task/view, the Xbox app, unified settings, action centre, and continuum.

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Apple’s OS X Yosemite

Apple has used 3D design with blandish colourful surface in its new OS X Yosemite icon. Apple has made significant changes in Safari web browser, mail app and calendar app.

It has also enabled options for creating PDF and images from mails and automatically upload attachments to iCloud.

It has included bunch of new widgets and functions. It has also included AirDrop feature, which allows user to continue a task like writing E-mail, reading message, etc. in other iDevices like iPhone, iPad and Mac