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Windows 10 downloads break records, now installed on over 75 million devices

San Francisco: Windows 10, Microsoft’s most recent OS, flaunted its launch on 29th July 2015 and till date it’s been successful in drawing large number of enthusiasts, crossing over 75 million from around the world. It’s free to download in their respective devices, be it PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

The report was suggested by an analyst named Patrick Moorhead, Moor Insights & Strategy.

Windows 10 has been designed by Redmond from Washington, with a new feature called Cortana, a digital voice assistant, in order to fix those elements in last OS, the Windows 8, that were not really appreciated by the users. It can be run easily on any device and not just on PC despite the fact it was meant initially to be run on that only.

Much to the excitement of the company, within a day of Windows 10’s release, as many as 14 million of devices were reported to be running this new Operating System. And during the very first week of it’s arriving into the markets, the frequency with which it was being downloaded reached 1,500 downloads/ second.

As stated by Yusuf Mehdi, CVP, marketing, Microsoft Corp., many 2007 devices too have been upgraded to this new OS. For the users of Windows 7 and 8, downloading Windows 10 is offered as a free update to their current Operating Systems. And over 90,000 devices including Tabs and PCs, from across almost all the countries, have got their OS upgraded in this way. The figure of downloads per week is six times bigger than it was with Windows 8’s launch.

Although Microsoft Corporations is specialized in designing windows for PCs, the company is looking to expand its horizon further and build up a trust factor with users of Tabs and smartphones as well. This is because, as per IDC, the facts suggest that the users’ reliability on PCs will decline drastically by 2016, and there will be quite larger consumers of smartphones and tabs.

The Corporate Vice president, Mehdi, reportedly said that the program titled as ‘Upgrade Your World’ has been initiated by the company and above 2,000 organizations are striving to win the global partners slit. Those organizations which is not yet much aware of it are also being offered help both in terms of cash as well as free services and products.

He particularly thanked Hollywood celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian for lending helping hands in support of this program.

With this OS getting popular highly due to Cortana that can tell the users jokes too if it is asked for, the company envisages more than a billion devices running Windows 10 within approaching three years. Hopefully, this Operating System will rule over people’s hearts for decades to come.