There has been much talk about the Microsoft Band 3 release date. Expected in October 2016, the new fitness band is hoped to bring some necessary improvements, based on the user feedback that Microsoft encourages. The company runs a ‘UserVoice’ page where users can freely voice their opinions and share ideas on improvements in Microsoft’s Health App and Band.

Last year, the Microsoft Band 2 was made available for purchase in November for a price of $249 and has been in stores for a little over four months now. It currently retails on Microsoft’s online store for a limited time discounted price of $175 and can be purchased from other sources too.

We expect to see the Microsoft Band 3 released at around the same price as the Band 2, considering the company slashed its prices by $75 in a matter of 5 months. That would mean the upcoming Band 3 will cost you approximately $250 to $300.


Among the improvements we expect to see will be rumored waterproofing for the armband, the ability to monitor heart rate accurately and probably on a separate tile with cohesive information, an indication of battery life on the screen and the option to have an emergency medical tile.

Users have requested Microsoft to release a waterproof armband since its first iteration which Microsoft has alleged been working on since 2014 when it filed a patent for a fluid-proof battery housing with the United States Patent Application Office.

Most other expected improvements can be rolled out by Microsoft with UX updates to the Band 2. Whether or not they will really launch Microsoft Band 3 this October is yet to be seen.