The German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz has come to help its Mumbai-based clients who were recently affected by the continuous floods in the city. For lending a helping hand to its consumers, the German company has developed a cross-functional squad from its After-Sales team who will support the affected customers by several manners. The task force will work for the client of Mercedes-Benz, affected by the continuous Mumbai floods, took place on 29th August 2017.

As the auto major announced, the partner of Mercedes-Benz, Allianz Global is currently employed in recovering the affected cars and vehicles from the flooded areas, while the retail network teams of the firm have been providing an additional workforce for supporting the affected customers. The dealerships of Mercedes-Benz across the country also have decided for waiving off the mounting charges for the Mercedes cars, recovered through Allianz Global. Also, Mercedes-Benz India and all dealership partner of the multinational from the next-door markets had pooled resources and stepped forward for setting out their skilled technical experts for assisting the Mumbai dealers in servicing the vehicles, affected by the flood.

According to Roland Folger, the Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India;

The unexpected floods in Mumbai were highly disconcerting, and with the swing of after-sales measures, we are expected to normalize the situation soon. Being a completely customer centric brand, we want our services to reach our customers and our dealership agents and partners, affected by the Mumbai floods last week. With the instant support in the regions affected by floods, we are providing a range of After-Sale services and measures including the replacement of spare parts, servicing and also insurance claims to the affected vehicles and customers.

Apart from these service providers, Daimler Financial Services India is also functioning in a faster mode for processing the insurance formalities of the uninsured Mercedes cars, sold in Mumbai. The insurance amount, provided by Daimler Financial Services India will differ by the level and intensity of damages incurred to the sedans, as well as the amount of engine damage and also the insurance policy purchased by the clients.