Jugnoo has unveiled its in-house route optimization software called ‘Flight Map.’ It’s essentially aimed at delivering effective routing solutions to assist travel salesman and vehicle routing issues. The move further improves logistics and delivery eco-system in the country.

The ‘Flight Map‘ route optimization software has been primarily designed for Jugnoo along with its two other ventures, which include Dodo and Fatafat services. Jugnoo has joined hands with SaaS technology solution provider Click Labs to facilitate the purchase and registration process of the service.

“Having ventured into intra-city travel with Jugnoo and then expanding to delivery and logistics with Dodo and Fatafat; minimizing the travel time and identifying efficient routes have always been our primary concern. The challenge was to find the shortest or the best route to visit a given number of places, with a certain number of resources available at our disposal,” explains Samar Singla, founder and CEO of Jugnoo.

“We were looking for a solution that could assist us to efficiently service orders to 1,000 different destinations within a city. A solution that could tell us the appropriate order in which the products should be delivered, factoring in aspects like time, maximum carrying capacity of the vehicle and the total cost involved,” he further added.

The recent proliferation of such services in India could benefit with ‘Flight Map’. Also, Jugnoo has released APIs for two types of services. One catering to ‘simple vehicle routing problem while the other caters to ‘pickup and delivery problem’.

Interested users can register for the service by clicking here. The services are free only for businesses dealing with a maximum of 100 orders per day. For orders more than that, one needs to purchase their enterprise plan.

While back in June, Jugnoo launched a logistics service for businesses called Dodo deliveries. The company said Dodo gives auto drivers means to get an additional source of income by taking delivery requests as its integrated with Jugnoo.