Reliance Jio Phone vs Micromax Bharat 1: The war of the best smart feature phone!

Jio Phone

We have two competitors feature phones on the market; Jio Phone and Micromax Bharat 1. Both of the feature phones come with 4G VoLTE connectivity support and dual-SIM support. Both of the smartphones also come with mostly similar specifications and features. But which one is the best choice if you want to choose one of them? We are going to answer the same question here by comparing both of the feature phones and their features.

Design and Build

Jio Phone

At this category, this is going to be a tie between these two feature phones because both of them looks similar and comes with perfect design. Jio Phone has a slimmer form factor than the Micromax Bharat 1 phone, but the difference is tiny so no one is a winner here and both feature phones get the point for making such excellent build quality of the devices.

Jio Phone

Features and Specifications

Specification wise, both of the phones are a bit different from each other. Both the phones come with a 2.4-inch LCD TFT screen with 240×320 pixels resolution and have brightness control settings. Both of the phones come with 512 MB RAM and 4GB internal memory which is expandable up to 128GB via micro SD card slot. Jio Phone comes with NFC for Jio Pay which is not available on Micromax Bharat 1.

Jio Phone

Now for the differences, Jio Phone comes with a 1.2 GHz dual-core Spreadtrum processor and Micromax Bharat 1 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 processor. Jio Phone runs on KAI OS whereas Micromax Bharat 1 runs on Android OS. The rear camera in Jio Phone is a 2MP shooter and Micromax Bharat 1 sports a 2.4MP camera; both phones come with a VGA front-facing camera.

Jio Phone


Both the phones are very different on software basis because Jio Phone comes with KaiOS and Micromax Bharat comes with Android OS. KaiOS has a primary feature phone interface with the main menu, option keys and more. Micromax Bharat 1 comes with a very subtle and clean interface, just some big tiles and only three home pages with all the shortcuts right there in the form of large tiles.

Jio Phone

There is something which Jio Phone has, but Micromax Bharat doesn’t like JioPay (NFC payment feature), games, JioCinema and JioMusic. Micromax Bharat lacks in all these features, but it has something else which is more important; WhatsApp which works perfectly like on a smartphone. Micromax Bharat 1 also has Live TV feature like Jio Phone, but it doesn’t work like it should be working.

Wrapping up

Both the phones have something above one another like Jio Phone has NFC enabled JioPay but at the same time lacks WhatsApp which is present in the Micromax Bharat 1. To cut the long story short, Bharat 1 is powered by Android, you can download all the Jio apps, comes with a dual-SIM card slot, and features a Qualcomm processor, and you are free to use any operator’s SIM card whereas the Jio Phone is bound to work with the bundled SIM card only.

The price for the Jio Phone is effectively Zero, but availability is an issue here whereas Micromax Bharat 1 is readily available to buy on Snapdeal for Rs. 2,399. Though it’s totally up to you, our recommendations go with the Bharat 1.

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