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iPhone 7 reportedly explodes to injure face while shooting video

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It seems that Apple is also following the footsteps of Samsung regarding the explosion of phones. According to reports, a brand new iPhone 7 explodes on the face of a man while shooting a video.

The customer, who declined to reveal the identity reportedly purchased a new iPhone 7. He was injured after some time while he was attempting to record a video using the new handset. As per the information disclosed by the customer, the phone virtually became unusable after the incident. The phone was shattered with glass pieces piercing across his face.

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iPhone 7 explodes causing injuries to face

The renders released by the customer to a Chinese tech portal shows red patches on the left side of his face. We can spot two large red patches followed by tiny red injury marks including few on his nose. At the same time, one of his fingers on his right hand inflamed causing severe pain.

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iPhone 7 damaged beyond repair

The impact of the explosion was so severe that the iPhone 7 blew up into two pieces with battery and other elements clearly visible.

According to the person who suffered injuries, the phone cannot be used again since it has been damaged beyond repair. He also released a video, which shows the damaged rear panel.

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Even though iPhone 7 explosion incidents are not as rampant when compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the incident has sent warning signals to the respective authorities regarding the safety of customers. Nowadays, manufacturers seem to make use of inferior quality materials to manufacture flagship smartphones.

Apple after sales declined to help

Soon after the incident, the person established contact with Apple’s after sales support. However, the concerned Apple staff told him that they are not authorized to handle extreme cases. Hence, they forwarded the complaint to the headquarters. The person declined to reveal the source from where he bought the smartphone.

According to reports coming in, Apple has escalated this issue and the matter will be investigated deeply. Samsung has suspended the sales and production of Galaxy Note 7 globally due to series of explosion incidents. The company replaced all the previously sold handsets. But the replaced phones tagged as safe also exploded. This has forced the company to abort the production causing losses to the tune of $17 billion.

We expect that the recent explosion of iPhone 7 is an isolated case. It remains to be seen as to what approach Apple adopts to tackle the situation. We are not expecting Apple to take drastic steps like Samsung.

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