Home News Video: Safe Galaxy Note 7 explodes at a restaurant in South Korea

Video: Safe Galaxy Note 7 explodes at a restaurant in South Korea

Safe Galaxy Note 7 explodes

The dark clouds don’t seem to scatter anytime soon for Samsung. After the global recall of Galaxy Note 7, the replaced ‘safe units’ are also facing the same battery issue. According to a recent report, the replaced Galaxy Note 7 handsets caught fire at a restaurant in South Korea. The whole incident was captured on a video.

As you can see in the 11 seconds video, the golden variant of the Galaxy Note 7 was emitting smoke while it was not on charge. An employee from the restaurant picked the burning Galaxy Note 7 from the table with the gloves on and took it out of the dining place. According to the reports, those were the replaced Galaxy Note 7 units which were termed as safe by the company. Samsung is yet to release a statement on this incident.


Samsung has been going through a rough patch owing to its latest smartphone Galaxy Note 7. While it was trying to handle the situation, another incident of its exploding washing machine brought Samsung to the limelight. While in the US itself there have been over 92 cases of Samsung Note 7 explosion, the count reaches three-digit number considering global cases.

The company says to have addressed the issue by replacing the faulty units with new ones, but after the reports of safe Note 7 units exploding, Samsung’s problems have further increased. The Korean electronics titan was reported to have temporarily halted the production of Galaxy Note 7 handsets, and if it’s true, it was a smart move by the company. Let’s see how Samsung plans to handle this fiasco. It is also speculated that Samsung is planning for Galaxy 8 series as early as in the first quarter of 2017.