iOS 10 hidden features that makes your iPhone experience interesting

Apple pushed the iOS 10 update and every iPhone above (iPhone 5) is getting this update. If you were not using the beta version of iOS 10, then you might be unaware of the features and changes Apple added to iOS 10. Here are some hidden features which you probably didn’t know about iOS 10.

Song Lyrics in Apple Music

The music app interface is clean and straightforward; everything is now clear. Apple redesigned the Apple Music and also added some fresh features, showing lyrics is one of them. You can now do karaoke with your favorite songs. To see lyrics:

  1. Go to the Music app and play a song from the list.
  2. Open the now playing card by tapping the album art.
  3. Tap the three dot to bring up the menu and select the Lyrics option.

Another method is to open the now playing card and scroll down a little. Tap show to reveal the lyrics for the song.

Launch Camera faster than before

This option is already in the previous iOS versions but in those versions, launching the camera is a little tricky. Apple made it simple and faster than before; now you don’t have to drag that little camera icon upwards on the screen. To launch the camera in iOS 10, simply wake up your iPhone and swipe left to reveal the camera. After taking pictures, tap the home button once and are once again on the lock screen.

Quickly unsubscribe from mailing lists

Now you can unsubscribe to annoying emails which you are getting from the website which said “No spam” and kept on sending hundreds of emails. Apple added a feature to unsubscribe to these emails by sending an email on your behalf that you no longer want to receive emails. You just have to tap the blue shortcut link and choose Unsubscribe from the next pop-up, your iPhone will do the rest.

Change flashlight intensity

Apple always optimizes the background tasks for saving battery for what you are doing right now. Apple added 3D touch to control center to bring up more options than before for shortcuts. Torch shortcut now has some more options so you can change the intensity and save more battery. You can 3D touch the torch shortcut to bring up the intensity options.

Replace text with emojis

Now you can be more expressive while iMessage-ing with your buddies. Now whatever you write in the text chat area, the phone will highlight the text which can be converted to emoticons. Just tap on the text to change them to emojis.


Listed feature were the hidden features of iOS 10 other than those in the spotlight. You can also check out full feature list of iOS 10. If you found any feature which you think should be on this list then fell free to tell us about it using the comment section.

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