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Apple iOS 10 update now available for download: Check if your device is compatible

Apple iOS 10 update, which kept iPhone users longing for so long, has finally arrived. The latest and biggest OS update from Apple has started hitting Apple devices just now. All the compatible Apple products like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS can upgrade to iOS 10. The free upgrade in available on the following devices – iPhone 5 and above, iPod Touch (6th gen), iPad 4th gen and higher, iPad Mini 2 and above.

The iOS 10 update size is 1.1GB. You can check for the same by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Download and install the update. Apple has added an extra layer of security with Two-Step Authentication. However, you can choose to skip it.

Apple iOS 10 Features

Apple iOS 10 has got a major overhaul in almost all aspects, be it Photos, UI, messages, or any other app. Now Siri digital assistant supports messaging app, Photos, ride service apps, VoIP apps and more. Starting with messages, Apple has refreshed the messaging app completely, and it has become more lively now. Apple has added bubble effect, full-screen effect to celebrate moments, tapback for quick replies and link previews features to messages. Along with that, there are new iMessage apps that integrate stickers, photos, apps, and games.

The next major update is in the user interface. As soon as the iOS 10 update is installed on your iPhone, you’ll notice a different lock screen. Apple has added camera shortcut and the widgets support into the lock screen itself; so don’t need to unlock the smartphone to check incoming updates. The notifications on your screen are not just regular notifications now as you can respond to them without the need to open the particular app.

As you must be knowing that Siri has been integrated with frequently used apps in iOS 10. This feature would be really helpful as with Siri integrated into the keyboard; it would suggest possible answers to your question and emojis. Users will be able to book a ride and send messages (text or voice) using the virtual assistant.

Another much-needed feature added to iOS 10 is the ability to remove stock apps. You can now remove annoying stock apps like Maps, iHealth, iTunes, or any other app. If needed, the removed apps could be reinstated.

Other than these, you will notice major alterations in Maps, Photos, News, Music apps. A new Home app will now appear in your app tray, which is a step towards consolidating its smart home initiative. The Home app brings control of all connected home devices to your mobile. In total, the iOS 10 update will turn your iPhone into new.