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ICC World Twenty20 2016: How to Check Live Score Updates


The ICC World Twenty20 cricket tournament has already started and the internet is full of information on match dates, venues and even pre-tournament interviews from all teams. There are a ton of ways you could look up for the live score of the matches being played depending on what device you would choose to access the information from.

For Mobile Devices/ Tablets- We strongly suggest that you download that official WT20 2016 app from the App Store or the Google Play Store if you are on iOS or Android platforms.

The official app surely gives you live scores but also a flurry of other information pertaining to the match, including highlight videos as well as statistical data and graphical plots of your favorite team’s performance.

You could additionally additionally also visit ICC-Cricket, Yahoo Cricket, ESPNcricinfo and Cricbuzz via your device’s browser and view the live scores on their sites.

For Computers/ Laptops- While a simple Google search on ‘live scores for ICC World T20 2016’ will bring up the results for any match being played at the moment, you could choose to visit one of the many sports sites of your liking. A few that are known to host live cricket scores are mentioned above.

There are no dedicated applications that allow you to keep holistic track of the games on your computer, as you can do on your mobile device.

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