As part of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL launch offer, Google is offering a free Daydream View VR promo code for all customers who pre-order the phone in the United States. According to the terms and conditions, the promo code for the redemption of VR headset will be provided to all customers. However, the offer is limited to customers who pre-order from the official Google Store or via Verizon, who is the Pixel exclusive carrier.

In a statement, Google confirmed that the promo code will be emailed to all customers within four weeks from the shipment of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone. This is to ensure that customers who return the phone are kept away from the offer.


Head to Google Store to purchase Daydream VR headset

After the receipt of the Pixel phone, you can make use of it on the Google Store to purchase a Daydream View by the end of 2016. However, this offer is available until stocks last. Furthermore, the code is not-transferable and cannot be exchanged for case or any other product.

Earlier, Samsung also provided Gear VR headset free of cost along with Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones. It seems that Google is competing with the likes of Samsung and HTC to push sales by offering freebies.

Redemption process of Daydream View VR for Verizon customers

To redeem your Daydream View VR via Verizon, you first need to purchase a Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone with your monthly devices payment. You need to complete the checkout process and place the order for the handset.

After that you need to visit and enter promo code GOOGLEGIFT to redeem your offer. Verizon will ship your Daydream VR headset within 3 to 6 weeks after your purchase. This offer is valid until October 19 and will be available depending on the stock availability.

According to industry analysts, the Daydream View VR offer will be very useful for customers who are reluctant to invest additional $69.

Moreover, once you get addicted to the VR headset, the Daydream will take you a world of experiences. You can experience virtual reality content like never before.

It remains to be seen whether Google has any offer in stock when tech enthusiasts from India place pre-order for Pixel and Pixel XL via Flipkart.