Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to come with revamped Gear VR compatible with USB Type-C

Samsung has made a massive move by partnering up with Oculus for their mobile VR sets. It does help much whenever they gave away a free Gear VR with their flagship phones. It has also been rumored that the company will be giving away a Gear VR with its Galaxy Note 7.

In another rumor doing the rounds is that the Note 7 will have USB Type-C port whereas the current version of Gear VR has a microUSB port.

It is possible that Samsung could produce an adapter. But a user’s comfort level would be raised if headset built for them, and it seems that’s exactly what Samsung might give them. A new version of the Gear VR had popped up on Zauba.

This listing was first spotted by The post does not reveal much, apart from the new model numbers (SM-R323. As the SM-R322) along with the old one. At least one of the two models could feature a USB Type-C port. The models look exactly like the older version, though. So, there’s immense hope that Samsung has worked on its performance.

The Galaxy Note 7 is set to be launched on August 2, and it could well be the opening for the new Gear VR. Such a move would not be entirely unprecedented. Previously, Samsung’s counterpart in both the mentioned areas, OnePlus released its ANTVR, ahead of the launch of its flagship device OnePlus 3, so that the smartphone could be launched on a VR platform. Whether or not Samsung is trying to pull off a similar stunt with a similar fate, only time will tell.

Since Oculus is said to be one of the best in its league, hopefully for other users, it will be compatible with other devices also.