Home News Goldmedal launches Wi-Fi Router + Extender, priced Rs. 7,899

Goldmedal launches Wi-Fi Router + Extender, priced Rs. 7,899

Goldmedal Electricals has a solution to the rising demand for stable Wi-Fi connectivity in our homes – Wi-Fi Router + Extender. The company is claiming its latest innovation can redress all internet connectivity issues at home, which has emerged as the new office destination during current times.

While the router can provide for reliable and stable internet connectivity, the integrated repeater works to extend the network signal to ensure the internet is available in every nook and corner of your home. It also is extremely flexible in its functionality, given the several modes it can operate in. Those include the router mode, access point, repeater bridge, and repeater.

Then there is a USB port as well, which can be used to charge any compatible device. The port has a frequency rate if 2.4 GHz while supporting data transfer rates of 300 Mbps. Another inherent advantage with the product is the modular design that allows it to be installed within a switch plate.

Coming to its price, the Goldmedal Wi-Fi Router + Extender comes for Rs. 7,899 and is available at select retail stores across India.