The Indian government has asked its citizens to remove four apps from their smartphones immediately. The Home Ministry cited intelligence inputs and warned people that these apps contain harmful malware which can steal sensitive information including personal details and bank details. These applications are Talking Frog, Bdjunkie, Mpjunkie and Top Gun.

Cyber criminals from Pakistan have released four malware ridden apps on the app stores. If installed on Smartphone, it can steal sensitive information which includes banking details, passwords and personal information.

These threats had increased many folds since 2016 when security agencies unearthed an ISI operation which used SmeshApp to track Indian army’s movement and its counter-terrorism operation. The deadly Pathankot air base was also attacked after complete details were obtained about troop movements by ISI. Google has since removed the app from Google store.

The latest warning comes at a crucial juncture as the nation is in the process of digitisation and moving towards a cashless economy. The demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 has led to more and more people going for e-payments, swiping debit cards and net banking. The chances of frauds have increased, and citizens have been asked to remain vigilant while conducting transactions.

In recent times State Bank has cancelled thousands of ATM cards after it was found that the security has been compromised. With the demonetization move, the government has dealt a death blow to Black money but also to terrorist financing. There has been a drop in civil disobedience in Kashmir valley. The terrorist masters across the border will surely try to through a spanner into the Indian Government efforts to curtail black money as well as counterfeit notes. The recent attempts by Pakistani hackers can be viewed as a new and dangerous development, which needs to be clipped in the bud.