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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Price and Features

On 13th May, Final Fantasy X-X2, an undertaking by Virtuos and Square Enix 1st, was released on PC. Owing to the high demand, it was rumoured that a PC version was soon going to be made available, but this was shockingly quick.

A few enhancements exclusive to PC’s have been made. They include the ability to change the encounter rate, the collection of cheats and the gameplay speed.

Priced at $29.9, the game has been made available for a discounted price of $23.99, for a limited time period. Don’t the good things sometimes just come at the right time and price!

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There have been a few overall improvements to the game in the new version, as well. The characters, the monsters and the environment have been refined in HD. The new background music also adds to the realistic feel.

Good news for our careless gamer folks. The game finally has an autosave feature. And just to step it up another notch the new version also comes bearing Full Steam Trading cards and achievements.

The quest of a star blitz ball player, Tidus and his beautiful summoner, Yuna, to save the Spira from the menacing Sin in Final Fantasy X, is followed by a riveting tale of Yuna the Sphere Hunter, and Rikku and Paine, who embark on a crusade to find answers to the mysteries that lay hidden the darkest corners.

RPG’s have been a revelation to the gaming world, with endless possibilities, and this attempt at making it even more realistic is surely welcome.