Home News Facebook rolls out new Video features, YouTube going to get serious competition

Facebook rolls out new Video features, YouTube going to get serious competition

Facebook rolls out new Video features

Last year, Facebook had made two new updates to the Facebook videos. These updates included showing the number of views that the video has got and the autoplay feature of the videos. After these changes, the way that videos were perceived on Facebook changed completely. Video ranking was also changed in order to better improve the user experience by showing them the videos based on their liking.

Finally, on 13 October 2015, Facebook announced another update that is meant to take these features up a few more notches and add a few more to make the whole experience more immersive. Here is a round off of the major features.

New video formats are now supported

Along with the Facebook mention that let public figures share live feed with their followers, 360 video was a new feature that got launched in September. This feature enabled the users to view any video from all perspectives. Discovery channel was one of the first ones to use this feature in their videos.

Improvements in suggested videos part

This addition is done to facilitate the people who are in the habit of sitting back and watching back to back videos. This feature is being refined further so that it gets more and more accurate in guessing the likes and dislikes of a person.

Saved bookmark button

This feature is still under test. What it will do is basically that it will let the user get back to a video that he/she was interested in, at a later date.

Making video Publishing easier for Publishers

Other than the general user, the publishers are also being taken care of. New features are still under development and further testing that will make the whole process of publishing and managing videos easier for the publishers.

These features are not a surprise for anyone as for long, it is being observed that Facebook is trying to keep up with its competitor owned YouTube.

Reports have also been made that apart from the suggestions, Facebook is also looking to place ads between the videos, with the revenue being distributed 55/45% with larger part going to the creators. It will be quite interesting to see where this new strategy of Facebook will take it in the business map.

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