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Facebook developing voice assistant M to compete Siri and Cortana


Facebook springs up with M, its discrete digital assistant within the Messenger app, after noticing the grand success enthroned upon Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s digital voice assistant Cortana.

What makes it a great rival for these other digital assistant players in the technological domain is apart from relying merely upon artificial intelligence, it makes use of real humans too. Yes, it has included human assistance to its users too in the ‘M’.

Just like customer care executives, they will be helping the users to complete many of their tasks like buying things online, booking restaurants, travel planning and much more, not always automatically using a user’s FB data but with their proper consent sometimes.


However, unlike Siri and Cortana, the queries will be sorted via text messaging and not via voice.

David Marcus, the VP, messaging products, FB, explains M as one powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and managed by people of the real world.

Not just this M, as planned by Facebook, is supposed to give a good competition to the internet king “Google”. It is incorporating in it a Go-to option to allow users to search for required information.

Facebook that tried to captivate users’ interest by launching games on Messenger at the beginning of this year is now planning with ‘M’ to establish itself as a standalone platform where users can gain almost every kind of knowledge they desire to have.

Currently ‘M’ is going through its trial phase in San Francisco, U.S. The social giant, Facebook is quite excited about this “early journey” of their personal digital assistant and demands support from its 700 million users to make it a really big success.