Microsoft has globally released its most innovative operating system till date, the Windows 10 on 29th July. And just like any other version of Windows, Microsoft has designed a special desktop wallpapers for Windows 10.

While Microsoft picked the Aurora in Windows Vista and Daisies in Windows 8, the default Windows 10 Wallpapers consists a Windows logo just like Windows 7 did. But, it’s not just any hoary logo either. Microsoft went to a San Francisco-based studio to create the marvelous Windows logo just out of the pure light only.

Microsoft has also included some other fresh wallpapers and lock screen wallpapers along with the Microsoft’s new Hero Wallpaper.

Below shown collection of desktop backgrounds – wallpapers – makes it easy to keep your PC/Laptop in tune with your attitude.

From incredible natural wonders to stunning works of art – check out the below-shown images and pick one you like, and download it.

Windows 10 Wallpapers

Download Windows 10 Wallpapers Collection

Note: These windows desktop backgrounds (wallpapers) images are the intellectual property of Microsoft. They are offered to download solely for personal use only.