We know you’ve recently got your new iPhone and looking for a case that can protect it and stay stylish at the same time! So, the cases from Casetify are among the best ones you can buy right now.

Casetify has cases and covers for Apple and Samsung smartphones including sleeves for MacBook. You can also customise a phone cover for your smartphone using your own pictures to give it a personal look; you can add some emoticon stickers as filters as well. Casetify also has an extensive collection of pre-designed cases for smartphones to pick one from. The case we have here is a pre-designed case for iPhone 7 with a black bumper and frosty plastic back.

We got the case in a sliding cardboard box with case fixed on an iPhone 7 size plastic impression. The case has a translucent plastic back with some printed stickers on it. The bumper is made of rubber to give phone better protection against dents from accidental drops. The volume rocker buttons and power button gets covered in the bumper and fits perfectly, a hole on the side for sound profile slider. Apart from buttons, the holes also fit perfectly on the bottom edge for ports and loudspeaker.

The case is sturdy and holds the phone perfectly at a place, and the case also adds an extra layer of protection to the screen. The bumper is made of plastic with rubber material over it, this rubber adds a grip to the device and keeps it from slipping. Also, act as a padding for edges and prevents dents from accidental drops. The back of the case is translucent and some emotions printed on it, the translucent part has frosty texture on it. The back is also scratch free, so you don’t have to worry about the print if you carry your keys and phone into the same pocket.


  • Decent build and design
  • Print quality is fantastic


  • None
  • A bit bulky


This case is made of premium quality materials to not only protects the smartphone but to add extra elegance to the phone. Despite giving protection, this case is slim and adds nothing more than a few millimetres to the phone’s thickness. The pre-designed case is available for $40 and if you want to customise your own case then also you have to pay $40 on Casetify.com but don’t worry, the shipping cost is zero worldwide. If you are looking for a case for your brand new iPhone 7 then this is the right place to look for.