What if there is an iPhone 7 tempered glass screen protector that not only protect your phone’s screen but also protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light that emits from the display? That’s like a wish come true!

If you spend hours on your iPhone then there might be a possibility that your eyes can be harmed from the blue light emission, don’t worry there is a perfect solution for you! Innerexile has recently released the OpticPro screen protector for Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; this is no ordinary protector because it can filter the harmful blue light from the display and keep your eyes safe. This tempered screen guard glass comes with a lot of features, and the design is a lot different from other cheap screen protectors out there.

Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Design & Feel

Well, there is nothing to say about the design because it’s a screen protector at last, but we saw some new thing which might be new to you (because these were new to us too). OpticPro screen protector is an edge to edge protector with 3D curved edges which beautifully blends into the edges of the iPhone 7. It comes with an AS hydro-oleophobic coating to prevent It from light scratches and smudges. The design is much better than what we see in traditional glass screen protectors for other smartphones.

Innerexile OpticPro Anti-Blue Light 3D Curved tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus is the best you can buy for your Phone!

Apple iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Features

Innerexile OpticPro screen protector’s first and the biggest feature is the anti-blue light filter that filters out 40% of the harmful blue light radiations. So you can use your phone for long hours without hurting your eyes.

The 3D curved edges and anti-glare layer on the protector is a particular optical technique to maximize color distortion. The glass is scratch free and smudges free for high durability and comes with premium 70um optical silicon adhesive so it won’t leave any residue on the screen and traps no bubble under the protector during installation.

Installation and Performance

Installing the screen protector is easy and can be one quick without any help; just clean the screen of your iPhone with two wipes provided inside the package, remove the plastic from the screen guard to reveal the adhesive and press it to the display aligning the earpiece and home button to the right place. Any visible bubble can easily be squeezed out from above the screen protector.

Although the screen guard is bigger than usual protectors because this is an edge to edge screen protector for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but still it is compatible with most of the iPhone 7 cases. You can get some lip out of some cases but not with Apple’s official silicon case for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

The screen protector adds a little brightness shifted to yellow but not much; full brightness reveals what actually this protector does. The colors in videos and other multimedia don’t feel distorted or faded; only the full white screen gives a feel of pale white color. Overall the protector seems kind to eyes and also don’t spoils the looks of the iPhone in any way.



  • Packaging is the best I’ve seen with any glass protector
  • Wipes are provided to clean the screen surface


  • None


Innerexile OpticPro is available for $45 for iPhone 7 and $48 for iPhone 7 Plus and for me, the price seems a higher than usual but it worth the price keeping in mind what it does! There is a setting in iPhone 7 called night shift which does kind of the same thing as this protector but that feature can’t beat this protector. And anyways, you’re going to buy a screen protector for your iPhone 7 so why not the one which protects your eyes as well?