If you’re looking for a pair of cheap in-earphones with fantastic sound quality, then you should totally check out the Boat Nirvana Uno earphones. Don’t be deceived by their modest price tag, as I have no second thoughts about the fact that these babies surely pack a punch. I’ve been using these earphones for around a week now, and as you might have already figured out, I was left in awe of their impressive sound quality. Here are my thoughts about Boat Nirvana in-earphones after spending nearly a week with them.

Build Quality and Comfort

Boat Nirvana 6

Given their modest price tag, the manufacturer has made no compromises when it comes to the packaging. They come in a nicely packaged rectangular box. Inside the box, you get the earphones, a storage box, as well as three pairs of earcups for different ear sizes. The wire is a bit thin, though its tangle-free and I could easily roll the wire up to put it in my pocket and it did not tangle when I took it out. They also fit nicely in the ear and stays in whether you’re walking or sprinting. Highly recommended for workout junkies and fitness freaks as they don’t fall out when moving.

Boat Nirvana 4

As far as comfort goes, I could easily wear them for an hour so without feeling any kind of discomfort in my ear. They also come with a carrying box which is a nice addition and protects the earphone from getting damaged.

Features and Sound Quality

Boat Nirvana 5

I’ve owned many in-ear type headphones in my day. And boy, do these pack a punch. The bass is not overly overpowering but strong enough to keep you grooving. The overall sound quality is super crisp and sharp, and they also do a good job at canceling background noise. Put simply, I feel they sound astounding, especially given their modest price tag. All in all, I was left pleasantly surprised by the audio experience delivered by these earphones.

These earphones also come with a build in mic to answer phone calls. Also, controls can be used to play/pause music tracks when I’m listening to music, which is an added convenience.

Boat Nirvana 3


– Cheap
– Excellent sound quality for the price
– Reasonably well-built
– Fits very well in your ears


– Plastic housing
– Thin main cord


Boat Nirvana 7

It’s a no-brainer for me! Priced at Rs.999 on Amazon, the Boat Nirvana Uno is the ‘best bang for your buck’ earphones out there. The overall sound quality of this earbud is excellent for the price. It churns out a strong bass, the music sounds sharp and crisp, and they also do a decent job at noise cancellation. I highly recommend this product!

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