According to the latest rumor, the second-gen Apple Watch is said to have new “One Glass Solution” instead of the “glass on glass” technology for an ultra thin display.

The new wearable by Apple is expected to release later this year. Previously there had been rumors that there will be no major changes to the design, but according to a report by MacRumors, Apple supplier TPK Holding has hinted that the company plans to use one of the new glass they have. This could save Apple some space on the inside.

There have been some unexpected technical issues in the production of the OGS panels, resulting in low yield rates. However, it is unclear if this will affect the production of the second-generation Apple Watch. The launch is expected to take place in September, and the unexpected issues with production and pre-production are starting to delay the whole process.

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Switching to One Glass Solution has replaced one of the two layers of glass with a thinner material. The extra bit of space as a result of this gives Apple a tiny bit of extra room for a bigger battery or a hardware component like GPS or an antenna.

The watch is expected to contain under the hood performance improvements. A redesigned model will be launching in 2017 and it is expected to bring LTE data, improved battery life, and new sensors. The 14nm processors lifespan is rumored to be in hours and not days. Not much of an improvement to the battery life.

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There have also been rumors of the Watch OS 3 to be released with the new wearable. Although this hardly seems like a rumor, considering the announcement the company made at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Besides the rumored change to its display, it would be understandable if Apple decides to introduce a higher/faster processor, with a higher more RAM, a more powerful battery, and perhaps even cellular connectivity. However, until the details aren’t released officially, no assumptions can be concrete.

As far as the launch date is concerned, rumors suggest that we can expect to see it in the fall of 2016. It could be released alongside the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.