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iPhone 7 display has the best IPS LCD ever on a smartphone, confirms DisplayMate tests

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A series of tests conducted by DisplayMate revealed the stunning fact that the newly launched Apple iPhone 7 display ships with the best IPS LCD screen ever in the history of smartphones. According to DisplayMate sources, the display in the new iPhone 7 is capable of delivering the wide gamut DCI-P3 color profile. This is a standard profile followed by creators of UHD-4K content.

During the tests, it was found that the Cupertino-based giant also implemented the sRGB color profile in the handset. This will enable you to visualize normal images and videos in real-life effect rather than their colors have been messed around with. The company also integrated intelligent color management, which automatically switches the color profiles depending on the nature of the content.

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Apple iPhone 7 display switches to wide-gamut view

Apple has designed the iPhone 7 display to act as per various scenarios. For instance, if the content you are viewing inside iPhone 7 is marked with the DCI-P3 color profile marker, the smartphone will automatically switch to the wide-gamut view. For other cases, it stays in the sRGB space.

Till recently, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 display was touted as excellent in the market. However, with the handset being recalled globally due to battery fiasco, Apple is a huge advantage here.

Apple iPhone 7 display hits 104 percent sRGB gamut

With the ability to display 104 percent of the sRGB gamut, the new Apple iPhone 7 takes the sweet spot of the most efficient display with 102 percent of the DCI-P3 gamut. This means that irrespective of the content you are viewing, the colors will be accurate, sharp coupled with gradient smooth.

Traditionally, smartphone manufacturers specify color gamut numbers for a display being viewing in 0 lux ambient light. As soon as the ambient light levels increase, the display tends to lose color. This is the main reason for the addition of above 100 percent gamut values, which will be useful to compensate for the loss.

Apple iPhone 7 display with 705 nits IPS display

Apple iPhone 7 ships with a maximum brightness of 705 nits, which is touted to be the highest for an IPS display. However, you will be able to experience this brightness levels only when your handset is in auto-brightness mode.

According to sources, the main reason for integrating this kind of mechanism is to prevent users from cranking the display up to full brightness on a permanent basis. Moreover, if the brightness is set to full 705 nits then it will cause severe damage to the battery.

As you can see, a higher color gamut coupled with exceptional brightness and a very low reflectance rate puts the iPhone 7 display at the top of other competing smartphones. It remains to be seen as to how iPhone 7 display will compete with Galaxy Note 7.

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