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Apple boasts water resistance and low-light camera features in iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 ad

iPhone 7 commercial

Just days after the black and white teaser depicting iPhone 7 went viral, Apple has unveiled a new series of commercials. The newly released advertisements intensely showcase the use of iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 in a unique Apple style. According to sources, each gadget is in true Apple spirits, a tiny piece of art.

The first commercial codenamed as ‘Midnight’ takes you on a trip with a skateboarder who has a deep attention to detail for the night and low-light photography. If you view the commercial, you will be able to know that it reveals the true low-light power of iPhone 7.


According to analysts, the one-minute movie type commercial is more or less intimate, even though it teaches you the most talked about technology product in the world.

Morning ride features water-resistant features

Titled as “Morning Ride”, the next video featuring the water-resistant capabilities, spans over 30 seconds and will take you to the world of a cyclist. He anticipates the nature’s call and decides to emerge from his own garage and immediately go for a ride. Interestingly, a dog also secretly watches the entire action.

The video begins with a person holding iPhone 7 on his hand monitors the weather on the back drop of heavy thunderstorms. After that, he watches his cycle and droplets of water will fall on a bucket kept inside the garage. He then keeps the phone and begins dressing up for a ride with his shoes, gloves, and helmet. He then views the map on iPhone 7 and begins to thick for a while.


You will be able to view the Apple logo emerging from the iPhone 7 with a message “the water-resistant iPhone 7” and “practically magic” on the other side. The commercial ends on the sets of heavy stormy clouds gathering in front of a biker. The message clearly depicts the real fact that the new Apple iPhone 7 has the capability to withstand heavy showers.

Go Time portrays the power of the Apple Watch

Captioned as “Go Time”, the final Apple commercial showcases the true power of the Apple Watch. If you watch the video, which spans over one minute, you will be able to view that visuals are not only convincing but also inspirational. We can see a fast cycle rider and the display of the new Apple Watch Series 2 increments from 143 to 151.


The “Go Time” movie runs through various phases like surfing, basketball, swimming, diving and yoga. The commercial infers that the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Apple Watch Nike+ with a unique perforated band is capable for use in any kind of sport. Moreover, the new Apple Watch can also be used for light meditation purpose also.

In addition to the durability of the wearable, the message delivered by the commercials also focuses on the new water-resistant capabilities.

Even though the Cupertino-based tech giant is well known for the development of slick television commercials, the recently released ads contain more content than a typical short film. You will be able to view the gadgets in each video and you can feel the real pulse of the gadget in each video.

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