iPhone 7 Plus runs out of stock within a week, confirms Apple

A report by Reuters suggests that within six days of going live, the iPhone 7 Plus has been globally sold out. The latest color variant, ‘jet black’ was sold out within minutes. Usually Apple never officially comments on stock issues but this time, it has come forth and released the following statement:

The iPhones have a tradition of running out of stock shortly after their launch, but this has been one of the quickest ever. This could be because of one of the several reasons such as- poor logistics management, poor anticipation or great marketing.

The statement says that from Friday the iPhone 7 silver, gold, rose gold and black and all models of iPhone 7 Plus will be available for sale again. However, the iPhone 7 Plus jet black will not be available at offline stores.

The iPhone craze has been on for a long time, as is expected before every launch, but this fiasco began on 9 September when the company started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The pre-orders are closed for now, but customers/fans are now gearing up to line up outside Apple Stores where the gadget will arrive on 16 September. The already pre-ordered units are expected to be delivered by the end of this week.

The Cupertino-based company had a much-publicized event in San Francisco, earlier this month, where it launched the new iPhones with improved cameras and no 3.5mm headphone jack (also considered as the most important upgrades the iPhone. The iPhone 8 that is supposed to be released same time, next year, has already started generating rumors.

The 10th anniversary of the smartphones is bound to bring some grounds besides the mostly side movements in the name of technology upgrades. Less than a week after the current iPhone launch, not only has the product run out of stock, but it has also started generating big words for the next one.

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