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Apple iPhone 6s with unexpected shutdown problem to get free battery replacement

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Apple will replace batteries of iPhone 6s units, which suffers from unexpected shutdowns. The new replacement program is expected to target a very small fraction of iPhone 6s users and is applicable for customers worldwide.

According to a statement issued by Apple, the iPhone 6s issue affects only a batch of units manufactured between September and October 2015. Hence, if the manufacturing date of your iPhone 6s is between these two months, you should contact Apple support for a possible solution.

Apple responded immediately when few users of iPhone 6s reported the shutdown issues. However, they do not pose any kind of security risk such as explosions. Hence, you can assume that the iPhone is suffering from an inherent battery problem, which will not cause any problems like Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


If you suffered from an unexpected shutdown problem with iPhone 6s, you should take the handset to your nearest Apple store or authorized repair facility for inspection. Your phone will be cross checked by the agents using serial numbers against Apple’s database.

If the technician finds that the battery requires correction, the engineers will replace the battery free of charge. In the meantime, if you had paid to replace the battery in iPhone 6s, you need to contact Apple for a possible refund.

Recently, China Consumers Association requested the Cupertino-based giant to deeply investigate complaints from consumers related to sudden and unexpected iPhone 6 and 6s shutdowns. We are not sure as to whether the latest Apple’s replacement program is due to the shock from the association.

Meanwhile, Apple launched an iPhone 6 Plus repair program to fix the handsets, which are affected by a mysterious display phenomenon dubbed “touch disease”.