Apple iPhone 12 won’t have 5G internet in Dual Sim mode

One of the biggest USPs of the latest iPhone 12 series happens to be its 5G feature. Unfortunately, things may not be what many might have believed it is going to be with their brand new 5G capable iPhone 12 device.

For an internal training document from Sales Web resources at Apple seems to suggest the iPhone 12 will have its internet speed throttled to 4G LTE when dual SIM mode is enabled. As it is, all the iPhone 12 models come with Dual SIM mode which refers to its ability to support a SIM card and an eSIM with both having different numbers. Each of the SIM can be from different carriers as well.

The training doc further makes it clear 5G data will be supported only when eSIM is used, that is when a single SIM is enabled. Also, of course, users need to have an active service plan from a carrier to avail of 5G services. This makes for a less than ideal scenario as this surely will come as a huge blow for those who maintain separate lines for work and personal usage.

However, as MacRumors stated, it isn’t clear at the moment if this happens to be an inherent design issue with the iPhone 12 or if this is merely of software origin. Things no doubt will be a lot easier to manage if it has something to do with the software as a patch can help ease things here. Else, Apple will have a lot of explaining to do with this shortcoming that can land its competitors a huge advantage.

More details on this are awaited. Stay tuned for more on this as it emerges.

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