JioPhone Next priced Rs. 1,999, rest to be paid in monthly installment

jiophone next

The JioPhone Next smartphone is finally ready to make a splash during Diwali. Reliance Jio announced the final pricing details, stating that the company’s first smartphone offering would be priced Rs. 6,499. However, the phone can be bought for an upfront payment as low as just Rs. 1,999, with the rest to be paid in equal installments spread over a period of 18 – 24 months.

JioPhone Next pricing structure:

Reliance Jio announced several payment plans with each plan accompanying a monthly data and voice quota though the upfront payment required is the same Rs. 1,999 for each plan. Each plan requires a one-time processing fee of Rs. 501. Here are the details.

There is the entry-level Always-on plan where buyers will have to repay the balance amount in monthly installments of Rs. 300 for a 24-month term or Rs. 350 for an 18-month term. The plan otherwise entitles buyers to 5 GB of data and 100 mins of talk time per month.

Next comes the Large Plan where buyers will have to pay a monthly installment of Rs. 450 for 24 months or Rs. 500 for a period of 18 months. Buyers will however be getting 1.5 GB of data every day along with unlimited talk time.

Then there is the XL plan where buyers have the option to repay the balance amount via a monthly payment of Rs. 500 for 24 months or Rs. 550 if they choose to pay it out within 18 months. There is going to be a daily data allocation of 2 GB along with unlimited voice calls.

Lastly, there is the XXL plan where the monthly installment amount stands at Rs. 550 for the 24-month period or Rs. 600 for 18 months. There will be 2.5 GB of data every day along with unlimited voice calls.

JioPhone Next availability:

The smartphone can be bought via the JioMart Digital stores under Reliance Retail or via Or eager buyers can also pre-book the phone just by sending a ‘Hi’ message via WhatsApp on the number 70182-70182. There is going to be a confirmatory message, post which the phone can be picked up from the nearest Jio store.

JioPhone Next specs:

Coming to the hardware specs, the JioPhone Next will offer a 5.5-inch display while on the other side of it lies the Snapdragon 215 processor. There is going to be a 13 MP rear cam and a 5 MP front sensor. There is going to be an SD card too to add to the native storage. The phone will be running the Pragati OS based on Android.

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