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Xiaomi MIUI 8 to bring split-screen multitasking feature just like Android N

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The upcoming MIUI 8, to be unveiled globally on June 30, is expected to feature split-screen multitasking or multi-window mode functionality. It enables you to perform two separate tasks at once by opening two apps side by side.

However, there are reports that this feature will not be available along with the first public release of MIUI 8 and hence we can expect it to be available in the upcoming updates. We don’t have any confirmation as to when Xiaomi will integrate split-screen feature. The company will likely release a minor update by the end of October with this new feature.

The upcoming MIUI 8 offers a wide range of new features both on performance and visual side. You will be able to modify the color of the UI according to month or based on the weather. Xiaomi has integrated additional colors to make the whole user interface look vibrant and alive in addition to several feature additions.


In addition to the above-mentioned features, the MIUI 8 is also expected to ship with live recording functionality including support for fingerprint payments, own wallet service, and Alipay. Moreover, the MIUI 8 will offer a new design and the company will integrate new updates in the apps, which includes Gallery, Notes, Calculator, and Scanner.

Launched in China about two months ago, the MIUI 8 OS is already available in beta. The company will release the full version of MIUI 8 globally on June 30 after the launch event in India.

On June 30, Xiaomi will launch MIUI 8 along with Mi Max in India followed by global launch, which will feature a large 6.44-inch display, Snapdragon 650/652 processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB storage, 16MP/5MP camera including a highly sensitive fingerprint sensor. A 4850mAh battery completes the package. Equipped with a 7.5mm ultra-thin metal body, the Mi Max weighs 203 grams, which is comparatively low for a large smartphone.

As of this writing, Xiaomi’s MIUI OS is one of the leading platforms in the market since all smartphones manufactured by the company ships with the OS pre-installed.

Even though MIUI 8 will be officially released on June 30, it will take few days for it to reach your smartphone devices. If you can’t wait, you can download the beta version, which was previously released on June 1.