Xiaomi’s CEO and Founder, Lei Jun, yesterday launched the new Mi Drone. The announcement was made over 20 live-streaming channels in China. Launched in two variants, the Mi Drone is available with 4K and 1080p recording capabilities, priced at Rs. 31,000 and Rs. 25,600 respectively.

The Mi Drone recording in 4K comes with a 12MP camera with that supports recording in RAW formats. The other comes along with a 16MP Sony backside illuminated CMOS sensor. Both the variants of Mi Drones come with 104-degree wide angle lens and the cameras are supported on a three-axis gimbal for more stable footage.

The Mi Drones come with a 5100mAh battery as well as four efficient propellers with the ability to provide 27 minutes of flight time. The use of GPS allows for guided flight paths as well as the ability to quickly locate your drone in case of a crash.

The drone’s ability to compute real-time allows it to return to the user automatically in case of low battery. The auto-pilot feature allows users to effortlessly take-off, land, and navigate through remote. It’s inbuilt GPS also ensures that the drone hovers outside the boundaries of no-fly zones.

Unlike most drones, the Mi Drone is not only light weight but also comes with a modular build. So a user can fold it up and store it in a backpack. The 1080p Mi Drone will be crowdfunded on Mi’s mobile app beginning today i.e. May 26th while the 4K Mi Drone will be up for public beta testing later in July.