WhatsApp Recall feature spotted on Windows phone beta update

A new build of WhatsApp beta has been rolled out for Windows Phone with a version number 2.17.218. This version of WhatsApp beta comes with new features which already available for Android. Let’s see what we got in this new update for Windows Phone users.

The first feature is to select multiple chats; this feature is there from the earlier releases. WhatsApp is finishing this feature and finally polished it where it can be used properly without any issue. Well, it still got some hiccups, but it is working. WhatsApp Beta is now open, and you can install it on your Windows phone right now, the download link is given below.

You can select multiple chats my taping on the left most edge of the conversations which selects the first chat; now you can select others just by tapping on them. You can delete or archive the selected chats; you can only delete the selected personal chats, not the group chats.

WhatsApp Recall

WhatsApp Recall feature will let you recall already sent messages (this is not simply deleting the message), this will also delete the recipient copy of that message before they check the message. This feature is still not enabled in the recent beta version, but WhatsApp is working on this update for future builds. You can install the beta version of WhatsApp by opening this link on your Windows Phone.


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