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Vodafone 4G ready SIM roll out begins in Haryana

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Vodafone India is offering free upgradation to 4G SIM for all its existing customers in Haryana. Existing SIM card can be exchanged with a brand new 4G ready SIM card at no cost whatsoever.

The world’s largest 4G network provider has announced that it is almost ready to start its 4G service in Haryana. The company has officially confirmed the availability of 4G SIMs in all Vodafone Stores, Vodafone Mini Stores and over 4000 multi-brand shops spread across Haryana.

The company has started this exchange procedure prior to the commercial inauguration of 4G services in Haryana to facilitate effortless transition into 4G ready SIMs beforehand. This 4G enabled SIM card needs 4G enabled mobile devices to utilize the services.

To get the 4G ready SIM, customers need to visit any Vodafone Store, Vodafone Mini Store or one of the 4000+ multi-brand shops in the state of Haryana. Every existing customer will be provided with a 4G ready SIM card completely free of cost with a simple exchange procedure.

The new 4G ready SIM will perform all the functions exactly like the previous SIM card, and customers can use the 2G or 3G service as per their existing plans. 4G services can only be available after Vodafone launches the service commercially in the state.

Making this announcement, Vodafone’s Business Head for the state of Haryana, Mohit Narru mentioned that the company wants their customers to get the benefits of 4G network right from the moment the service commences. That is the sole reason to begin of upgradation procedure before the commercial launch of 4G. He also clarified that in Haryana, Vodafone 4G services would be using the superior 1800 MHz spectrum.

Vodafone boasts that it has robustly tested its 4G services to provide seamless connectivity with consistent speed to its users.

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